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                             What is  Psychodrama?



Psychodrama is an expressive arts therapy that uses guided dramatic action to create meaningful change. Psychodrama, sociometry (the connections among people), and group therapy were developed by Dr. Jacob Moreno. Psychodrama helps people gain clarity and insight into problems by allowing them to examine them in the “here and now.”  It helps people let go of old roles and try on new and more fulfilling ways of being with themselves and others.


Because psychodrama is an experiential method, it allows people to go deeper than traditional talk therapy. Instead of just talking about their problems, people gain an enhanced understanding of the problem and can better see possible solutions.


Psychodrama is often conducted as group therapy, but can also be helpful when used in individual therapy. Psychodrama facilitates growth by increasing spontaneity and perspective taking.



Psychodrama can help individuals:

  • Decrease depression and anxiety

  • Develop new insights that can lead to significant behavior change

  • Understand how the past affects the present

  • Process trauma

  • Strengthen interpersonal relationships by developing and practicing new skills (e.g., assertiveness, confidence)





*For more information on psychodrama see below:  





Podcast: Episodes 8 and 9: Get a Chair – Psychodrama iTunes


Is psychodrama just for therapists and their patients?


No. Psychodrama can be helpful for anyone wanting to better understand themselves and others.  Psychodrama can be very helpful for individuals in education and business and for actors and attorneys.  

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